Choosing Colors for Your Wedding Day

When selecting colors for your impending wedding, you probably never stop to think about what different colors mean. What energies do the colors you see on a daily basis impart on those around you? How do the colors affect the overall feel or mood of your special day?


Black is not always used in weddings, as many associate black with images of death and disaster. The truth is that black is a sexy and mysterious color that goes with any person’s skin coloring. This makes it an excellent choice for bridal wear. Try Black Wedding Invitations!


Blue is a color used commonly for its calming influence. It can symbolize youth and spirituality. It is a perfect color choice for first weddings and weddings among a younger crowd. Try Blue Wedding Invitations or the refreshing aqua wedding invitations.


Though not a common choice for a wedding, brown is a perfect choice for fall weddings, especially when tied-in with orange. Brown gives off an energy of being organized and conventional. Use brown if you want to give off an air of warmth and honesty. Try Brown Wedding Invitations to match your wedding colors.


Gray is perhaps the least common choice for wedding attire. Considered sad and depressing, gray brings images of depressing weather. In fact, it can be a suitable color for older couples that are remarrying in their elderly years as gray evokes a sense of peace and calm. Try Gray Wedding Invitations!


Not commonly used, gold brings images of wealth and glamour. For a stunning wedding, try gold bridesmaids’ dresses with black groomsmen attire. Try Gold Wedding Invitations!


Green gives off tones of growth, renewal, and strength. It is an excellent wedding color as it brings images of new life, especially when tied to images of spring flowers. Try Green Wedding Invitations!


A blend of red and yellow, orange is another vibrant color that brings strong images to mind. Orange is the color of fire. It is bold and aggressive. Orange is growing in popularity, especially with fall weddings. Try Orange Wedding Invitations!


If you want undertones of love and beauty, pink is a perfect choice. Pink brings images of devotion and tenderness to the overall picture. Often seen as the color symbolizing all things feminine, pink is an excellent choice for a wedding. While some may feel it is a weak color, not as vibrant or overpowering as red, it is actually a color that signifies the most important aspect of a relationship—love! Try Pink Wedding Invitations, and make sure it all matches for your big day.


Purple is the color of royalty and mystery. Purple can be dark and spiritual or pale and romantic, such as with the lilac. Another common wedding color, purple suits many different skin tones and can be an excellent choice for your wedding attire. Try Purple Wedding Invitations!


Red is a popular wedding color due to its ties with red roses. In fact, red is a color that symbolizes action, power, vitality, courage, and self-assurance. Red is an excellent choice for couples during a wedding because it imparts a sense of courage in times of stress. Nothing is more stressful than a wedding day, despite the fact that it is also the beginning of a new life together. Stress does and always will play an important part in every marriage! Try Red Wedding Invitations!

White and Ivory

White is the virginal color that brings a feel of innocence, and cleanliness. It is considered the traditional color for all brides. White goes with anything, but it also has the negative affect of making skin tones look uneven. Use white sparingly when possible. Ivory is a better choice as it has that slight yellow-brownish tone that adds warmth and color to the face. Try White Wedding Invitations!


Yellow is a bright color that evokes the feel of sunshine and happiness. Pale yellow bridesmaids’ dresses in the springtime works wonders as it brings images of new chicks and daffodils. With a feel of happiness and new life, yellow is a popular wedding color! Try Yellow Wedding Invitations!

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