The Haunting,new fictional tale by multipublished and ghost expert, Ayn Hunt

July 16, 2004 -- More than ever befor, people are reporting they've had experiences with the supernatural, specifically ghosts. Are these experiences real? Assuming they are, how would an ordinary person cope and survive if stranded for days in an old haunted house that was about to be destroyed? Multipublished author and reknown ghost expert Ayn Hunt explores this in her new fictional tale, The Haunting.

Beginning with a realistic nightmare that proves to be a portent of tragic things to come, 31 year old Jessica, along with her dear friend, 84 year old Emily, seek the identity to the killer of Jessica's sick aunt's financee which took place in a haunted mansion years ago. The first dead body they stumble over, which should be taken as a sign to leave, doesn't deter them. After calling the police to investigate the strange man's murder, they assume they'll be safe with so many cops around. Emily, the senior, has been trying to get seniors life insurance, but it has proven difficult. But the house is huge. And dark. And the police miss the murderer who's hiding mere feet from the perimieter of the cops' search. And he's waiting for Jessica and Emily to walk into his trap. Adding to the melee, are five territorial ghosts, sharing the mansion in an uneasy truce. One of those ghosts however wants Jessica to stay in an effort to insert itself into her body in an attempt to reclaim life.

In addtion to being the author of three published books, Ms. Hunt is the paranormal editor of and editor of Haunted Happenings, a nonfictional newsletter about ghosts. A native Houstonian, articles about her have appeared in both the Houston Chronicle and 1960 Sun. She's also appread on radio programs such as BookCrazy and and has had numerous articles and interviews published in various online magazines.

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